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 Who is our client?

Based in Connecticut, client is a leading provider of IT Expense Management services to a wide range of
global enterprises and telecom service providers. Client’s proprietary platform is designed to help
corporations transform management of IT assets, services, expenses and usage to increase efficiency
and directly impact bottom line.

What were their challenges?

Client’s Legacy homegrown OCR (Optimal Character Recognition) solution processes invoices and Customer Service Receipts (CSR) and sends the captured information to their Expense Management platforms. With growth in their customer base located all over the world, client’s existing OCR solution could not adequately address the volume, velocity and variety of invoices and CSRs, which resulted in frequent backlogs. Furthermore, the OCR solution was not capturing all the information accurately which resulted in frequent rework leading to loss in employee productivity and throughput. The company needed to automate its process to accurately scan, use optical character recognition technology to record scanned data and seamlessly integrate it with processes in downstream operations.

What was the proposed solution?

Saturn met with the client and proposed IBM DataCap to streamline the capture, recognition and extraction of important information and categorize and classify for further use in business applications.

IBM DataCap is a cognitive capture solution that combines advanced imaging, machine learning and natural language processing to go beyond the limits of traditional capture. It automatically classifies and extracts information from multi-channel capture technologies like scanners, fax and digital file formats originating from applications and mobile devices. DataCap helped client define various rule-based capture workflows to incorporate real-time data extraction from multiple file formats. Moreover, it enabled the company to automate
integration of extracted data for further processing in down stream processes, restoring turn around times and scaling its processing throughput in line with business growth.

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