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 Who is our client?

Our client is a global bank with subsidiary branch offices in the tri-state area.The branch offices process
high volume US foreign exchange transactions and rely heavily on age-old IT infrastructure for data integrity and business continuity.

What were their challenges?

The bank globally had been rolling out new services to its customers across geographies.The tri-state area
branch offices were also instructed to roll out “Remote Banking System” for their clientele within a short time

The existing IT infrastructure was age-old and differed widely across branches. With the launch of new
consumer facing services, a significant load increase was expected on the existing server and network

To provide a seamless customer experience for the roll out of new services, a new IT infrastructure setup
was needed that would not only meet the budgeted cost factors but also be installed within a short time
frame to keep up with the roll out schedule. In addition, it had to account for future expandability as
well as redundancy.

What was the proposed solution?

Saturn and its team of server and network experts, after thorough techno-commercial evaluation, proposed that the new setup include a dual rack system that would incorporate clustered IBM Power servers to meet the compute requirements. This would be accompanied by a IBM V7000 storage array along with 24 port SAN switches.

Since applications and business processes have differing demands, a one size fits all approach does not work with server deployments. IBM Power Servers come in a wide range of configurations with a fully integrated approach to design, development and testing. This ensures the resiliency required for today’s enterprise IT infrastructure. And with Enterprise Pools, Capacity on Demand, and Active Memory Mirroring for Hypervisor, Power Systems enterprise servers ensure businesses can keep their most important applications available, even as they add capacity to handle new and growing business demands. Furthermore, IBM Storwize® V7000 is an enterprise-class solution designed for all-flash or hybrid storage providing the foundation to implement an effective storage infrastructure, transforming the economics of data storage.

With an IBM Power Server Systems clustered environment utilizing PowerHA for full scale redundancy, and Enterprise Class V7000 storage array offering seamless business continuity to support the Remote Banking Systems initiative, a new and responsive hardware environment was architected and installed.

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