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 Who is our client?

The client is a leading managed and content service provider based out of New York metropolitan area providing data warehousing, storage and list management services. Using a proprietary processes and software, our client has been fulfilling a wide array customer requests for offered services.

What were their challenges?

The client’s unique selling point is to provide a tailored solution by tweaking its proprietary software and business logics to meet client requirements. However, the existing legacy file based assembler process required to service user requests became too complicated to maintain and administer. The underlying business logic though functional, would require heavy code changes to fulfill new customer requirements leading to siloes of skilled developers in the organization servicing particular clients. Over time, this approach created dependencies on few people within the organization and also affected deals with new prospects due to unavailability of trained professionals.

It became critical for the organization to move towards a modular architecture that would scale easily with new customer requests while providing flexibility to accommodate and implement tailored business logics.

What was the proposed solution?

Saturn’s data warehousing and analytics experts proposed migration from legacy architecture to IBM Pure Data for Advanced Analytics (PDA) to tackle these mission critical issue. PDA an open standards ANSI SQL based Data Warehouse appliance with its unique asymmetric massively parallel processing (AMPPTM) architecture delivers blazing fast query performance on analytic workloads supporting thousands of business intelligence application users.

In-database analytics are an integral part of IBM Pure Data for Analytics systems provided in the form of stored procedures like clustering, classification, diagnostics, data prep, distributions etc. In addition, PDA software development kit supports user-defined extensions enabling rapid development of custom analytics when stored procedures are not readily available for specific needs. Saturn Business System specialists were able to successfully incorporate new flexible data structures to accommodate for future growth while utilizing IBM PDA’s powerful in-database analytics features to migrate existing business logic within six weeks from proof of concept stage.

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