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 Who is our client?

Our client is a legal consulting and research firm that provides a myriad of subject matter experts and data technologies to support their clients during complex litigation and regulatory proceedings. Their consultants provides economic and financial analysis and expert testimony to attorneys, corporations, and government agencies.

The company’s practice areas include: accounting; antitrust and competition; bankruptcy and financial distress litigation; consumer fraud and product liability; corporate governance; corporate transaction litigation; data analytics; Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA); energy and commodities; financial institutions; intellectual property; international arbitration and litigation; labor and employment; pharmaceuticals and healthcare; real estate; securities; and valuation.

What were their challenges?

As an organisation that provides statistical analytics to their clients, every moment waiting for a query to finish is a potential lost opportunity. To our client, waiting unquestionably meant lost time and money.

Prior to engaging with Saturn they were having performance and execution issues with their SAS system. At the time they ran SAS in a multiple Intel server Windows environment utilising EMC storage. The system was unreliable. Significant time was being wasted because jobs were crashing requiring constant reboots.

Our client’s goal was to improve the reliability and performance of their SAS system. They needed an alternative, scalable, Windows infrastructure that was optimised for their SAS environment while also consolidating their existing analytics platforms into one easy to support environment. Their goal was leverage faster, scalable processing, to support analysis their SAS system was previously unable to perform.

What was the proposed solution?

Saturn’s analytics team, SAS architect, and Power 8 enablement group educated the client on a new architecture optimized for SAS.

The solution consisted of utilizing Power 8 and IBM Flash storage to consolidate and replace the existing Windows and EMC environment, then migrating their applications to run under Power 8 and AIX.

The solution consisted of the following hardware and software:
The IBM Power824 was designed to consolidate the existing eight server Windows Grid infrastructure into one scalable, easy to use, high performance platform.

The EMC VNX storage could not provide the application enough I/O to support processing. It was then replaced with an IBM V840 Flash array and 8gb fiber to support the high performance processing capabilities of Power 8.


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