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 Who is our client?

Our client is one of America’s largest Hispanic food companies retailing more than 2,200 affordable products from the Caribbean, Mexico, Spain, and Central & South America. To enable decentralized decision making across sales and operations, the client wants to implement real time and self service reporting capabilities to empower managers working with workforce on the ground.

What were their challenges?

TThe client was using a legacy BI solution to generate a fixed set of reports periodically for various functions in the organization. Over time, even though day-to-day business did not change much, the amount of data being collected from various sources (sales, operations, logistics & distribution) increased tremendously. With the legacy BI infrastructure, most of the new data originating outside of the cothe corporate processes was being lost. In addition, the underlying data was too complicated in raw format for field managers to process and analyze using the present BI solution.

The current reporting and BI responsibilities, due to the complexity of the semantic layer of the legacy system, was the responsibility of the IT team. Generating new reports required a time consuming process of requirements gathering and coordination between business teams and IT. Furthermore, the long lead-time in creating and validating new reports would sometimes make them irirrelevant in lieu of the rapidly changing business environment.

What was the proposed solution?

Saturn with its team of experienced and certified business intelligence experts set up a Proof of Concept (POC) environment and conducted a set of analysis and design workshops involving key stakeholders in sales, operations and technical teams to demonstrate how IBM Cognos would address the issues.

IBM Cognos BI solution was implemented leveraging the existing BI solution as a data source along with incorporation of additional data sources that were not a part of the existing BI setup. Querying and reporting functionalities inherent to Cognos enabled professional report authors within the organization the ability to build and securely deploy dashboards and reports to all users on all devices.

With Cognos, the field workforce managers in operations and sales could now access and interact with reports on mobile devices in MS Office applications empowering them with on-demand and real time decision-making capabilities. Cognos BI mobile apps for Apple, Android and Blackberry, enabled the 600 strong North America field sales team with real time visibility on inventory grouped by categories, region, expiration dates, etc., empowering them to take on ground decisions on reallocating inventory across multiple channels to maximize retureturns

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