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 Who is our client?

The client is the Town of Hempstead, the principal town in Nassau County, New York. It is home to almost 800,000 residents. If the town were to be incorporated as a city, it would be the second-largest city in New York State, behind New York City

What were their challenges?

Town of Hempstead was challenged with an aging infrastructure coupled with an increasing reliance on technology and data as a means of imparting administrative responsibilities and improving the level of governance. To address these challenges, the town’s IT infrastructure required steady upgrades and improvements to ensure availability, scalability and “future-proofing”, while utilizing the IT invinvestments they already had in place.The municipality needed assistance in 3 key areas: Storage, Compute, and Disaster Recovery

Storage: Town of Hempstead was running on legacy storage technology that was no longer able to meet their growth requirements. Data storage needs were increasing, and expansion of legacy storage systems had become unviable.

Compute: Their server system would need massive upgrades in order to handle the growing requirements of faster computing, additional RAM and virtualization technology.

Disaster Recovery: Town of Hempstead had both a production and disaster recovery environment. However, failover was reliant on manual intervention. As such, any failure in production could lead to critical service outages while their environment was brought up at their DR site.

What were Saturn’s solutions and the results?

Saturn’s team not only solved Town of Hempstead’s initial IT issues beginning ten years ago, but have continued to work with them since, providing the right solutions for continuous improvement in efficiency, availability, and cost-effectiveness as new technologies arise in the marketplace.

Storage: After years of growing and maintaining their legacy IBM DS4000 storage system, technology improvements and capacity limitations made it clear that a new storage environment was required. Saturn’s team designed and implemented an IBM Storwize v7000 solution and virtualized their legacy DS4000 behind it. This solution a lowed Town of Hempstead to grow their storage on new technology while maintaining their investment in their legacy DS4000. By virtualizing the DS4000 behind the v7000, a single management interface was maintained, while extending the life of their legacy storage infrastructure by almost 3 years.

Compute: Their legacy server infrastructure was upgraded to IBM’s latest Blade Center architecture. With the new blade servers, VMware virtualization was installed to allow multiple virtual machines to run on each individual blade server, dramatically optimizing their resources by increasing their compute infrastructure utilization. Further, adoption of a blade server architecture allowed for modular expansion for future growth requirements without compromising space, power and cooling requirement soft heir data centers.

Disaster Recovery: Saturn’s team connected the two environments using Cisco SAN routers with Brocade Fibre Channel SAN switches. IBM’s Enhanced Remote Mirroring and VM ware Site Recovery Manager were implemented to automate the replication process,  ensuring timely automatic failover with no data loss to their DR site in the event of a catastrophic failure of their production environment.

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