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Larry Edelstein

About Larry Edelstein

Larry Edelstein is a Senior Solutions Engineer with Saturn Business Systems in New York City. With over 30 years experience in the I/T industry, Larry is currently Saturn’s Cybersecurity Technical Lead.

Improve Compliance and Reduce Costs with BigFix Inventory

How many software products are licensed in your organization? Hundreds? Thousands? How do you track your deployments against your license entitlements? How effective is it? Or do you do it manually? Have you ever been audited and been in the position of being overdeployed? Did you ever wonder if you might be underdeployed for certain […]

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Malware/Ransomware Exploits, What You Can Do About Them, and Why

Have you been wondering what you can do about Malware and Ransomware? Thinking that you cannot stop the threat of the dark web or of the technical prowess of the mischievous people who seem to develop a constant stream of exploits that can leave your company’s network at their mercy? Does the possibility of an […]

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