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Rob Krieger

Rob Krieger

About Rob Krieger

Rob joined the Saturn team in the summer of 2015. He currently oversees operations and has spearheaded a number of strategic projects to accelerate revenue growth. Prior to Saturn, Rob was selected into John Deere’s Strategic Management Program where he managed projects in Marketing and Strategic Planning. He holds an MBA from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business and served for two years in the Peace Corps.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure – Economic Impacts on your Organization

Hyper-converged infrastructure can not just transform your data center, but also transform your IT to become a top-line revenue driver. Most organizations today are getting more involved in managing tech. As the complexity of its tech infrastructure increases, an organization tends to naturally focus on either increasing more staff or upgrading their skill sets. Thus, […]

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Kick Start Your Information Governance Program

The Information Governance Initiative Annual Report 2015-2016 gives clear insight into the trend that organizations are increasingly getting a grasp of the impact of information governance (IG). In-fact, it predicts that most of the organizations implementing information governance will increase their IG spend by more than 30 percent in 2016-17. Moreover, the understanding of Information […]

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Open Source Databases – A new path

Not so long ago, enterprises mostly had a few options when it came to databases: Oracle, SQL Server or IBM DB2. Things have fundamentally changed over the past few years leading to a marked shift towards adoption of open source databases. Here are a few key topics to consider for understanding differences and similarities between use of […]

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Predictive Analytics : 6 Unique Business Use Cases

One of the great advancements in today’s technological landscape is the availability of business operations tools that enable the application of predictive analytics to various functions in today’s organizations. We are also witnessing an increasing trend of new advanced analytics applications that come bundled with all the modules including data governance, transformations, cleansing etc. that […]

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