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Importance of Information Integration for Business Intelligence backed by IBM infrastructure

Most companies generate a huge amount of data that need to be stored and integrated into a data mining centre. Moreover, without proper integration of information, business decisions cannot be made. This information adds to overall business intelligence. In this article, the importance and advantages of information integration have been discussed.

Consider a situation wherein you […]

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How Cloud Computing Helps Small Businesses?

In this article, the various benefits of cloud computing, especially with regard to small businesses have been discussed. It also mentions some of the essential features of cloud computing that aid small enterprises to improve their respective business activities. It also outlines the future of cloud computing as an effective business tool.
For a small business, […]

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A Brief View on the Hybrid Cloud Hosting and Solutions

Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world as it helps to enhance the performance of an organisation across several verticals. Cloud computing enables access to the platform, infrastructure and software by an organisation over the web hosted by a third party.

The term ‘Cloud Computing’ simply refers to the delivery of […]

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How can Cognitive Computing Further the Growth of a Start Up?

Cognitive computing along with effective usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can prove to be beneficial for a start-up as it means less dependency on humans. Subsequently, using AI to evaluate data will produce effective solutions and hence help you make decisions that will promote your company’s growth. Activities such as data analysis can be done […]

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How Predictive Analytics helps Online Retailers?

Every company needs to know the results or consequences of a change or update. Will it be beneficial in the long run or please the clients? Thanks to certain software and programs, many companies have already adopted methods, which help them predict the future of a company’s new move to a certain extent.

The process that […]

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How Enterprise Information Integration Helps Retailers?

In today’s competitive business environment, data has become an important asset. For retail enterprises, there has always been a requirement for data integration. In other words, for retail enterprise owners, it is essential to evaluate all the data generated, in an integrated or comprehensive manner, so as to take decisions that will prove to be […]

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Big Data Analytics – An Intelligent Business Platform that helps Solve Specific Business Challenges

A large number of businesses are facing challenges in terms of customer service, targeted marketing and process efficiency. However, these challenges have the potential to be transformed with the aid of Big Data analytics solutions and so most organisations are investing
heavily into it.   A significant increase can be witnessed in the last few decades […]

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A Brief on Converged Infrastructure and its Features

An IT firm always needs a large section of the workforce to manage the data storage as each day an enormous amount of data is created in an organization. This is where converged Infrastructure plays a key role.

What is Converged Infrastructure?

Converged infrastructure refers to the operation by grouping multiple IT components like the […]

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A Brief Account on Cognitive Analytics Solutions and IBM Watson Analytics

There are huge quantities of unstructured digital data. This data is in inconceivable form and the cognitive analytics solution enables to extract useful information inconceivable form by the human. These are equipped to adapt and so as developers and users ‘train’ the system, the answers become more reliable and increasingly precise over time.

In today’s digitally […]

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Hyperconverged Infrastructure – Economic Impacts on your Organization

Hyper-converged infrastructure can not just transform your data center, but also transform your IT to become a top-line revenue driver. Most organizations today are getting more involved in managing tech. As the complexity of its tech infrastructure increases, an organization tends to naturally focus on either increasing more staff or upgrading their skill sets. Thus, […]

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