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Saturn Helps Organizations Accelerate Insight and Enhance Business
Decisions Through AI


Three capabilities differentiate cognitive systems from traditional programmed computing systems



Cognitive systems understand like humans do.


They reason. They understand underlying ideas and concepts. They form hypotheses using confidence scores. They infer and extract concepts.


They never stop learning, getting more valuable with time. They advance with each new piece of information they attain. They develop “expertise,” assisted by humans.

allowing them to interact with humans in ways not previously possible.

IBM Cognitive Computing – Key Offerings for Cloud, On-Premise, Hybrid and Edge

With Watson, you have the premier AI platform for business. Uncover insights, engage in new ways, make decisions with more confidence, and do your best work with Watson, today. Watson can understand all forms of data, interact naturally with people, and learn and reason, at scale. Start building with Watson API’s. Tap into the power of Watson through API’s that allow you to build cognition into your apps and products, whether its web or native app or even robotics.

Master the art of data science; solve your toughest data challenges with the best tools and the latest expertise in a social environment built by data scientists. IBM Data Science Experience is an environment that has everything a data scientist needs to be successful. The Experience is an interactive, collaborative, cloud-based environment where data scientists can use multiple tools to activate their insights. Data scientists can use the best of open source, tap into IBM’s unique features, grow their capabilities, and share their successes.

PowerAI helps accelerate your journey to cognitive computing by bringing together a collection of the most popular open source frameworks for deep learning, along with supporting software and libraries in a single installable package. Power AI’s design goal was to simplify the acquisition, installation and system optimization required to bring up a deep learning infrastructure, and to provide the most comprehensive set of integrated development tools to build out a complete end-to-end deep learning solution on top of the fastest platform for deep learning training and model deployment. The outcome: users to spend less time on data preparation, implementation, and integration, and more time training neural networks for results.

IBM Power Systems for High Performance Computing including codename Minsky server. The IBM Power System for HPC is not the typical IBM Power System architecture that has run workloads of the past. It is a unique IBM design for accelerated HPC built with OpenPOWER Foundations innovations to address the needs of big data and accelerated analytics. The Minsky server is built with IBM Power8 CPUs and Nvidia GPUs and connects every compute engine on the server with point to point Nvidia NVLink connections offering a unique 2.5x bandwidth and 2x performance improvement over x86.

IBM Integrated Analytics System drives the insights needed to maintain your competitiveness. It matches accelerated development and deployment times for your data scientists with a high performance, optimized and cloud-ready data platform. As a unified data science solution, the built-in IBM Data Science Experience can be used by your data scientists to connect with your organization’s data in place. This connection helps data scientists develop machine learning analytics that benefits from a performance-optimized common SQL engine with embedded Apache Spark processing.

How Your Business Benefits


Keep up with mountains of contextual data available to you, even when most of it is unstructured in format.


Overcome and solve for great complexity by giving the skills and knowledge of the informed few to the empowered many.


Stay ahead of the ever-changing expectations customers have for whats possible, leading your market in new ways.


Speed of processing, speed of machine learning, speed of AI development, speed of implementation and management.


Cost Effective Solutions with the ability to start small, scale up and scale out.


What is the trend of my product costs in the United States? What is the breakdown of revenue by country and product line?
Data is all around us, but it’s up to data scientists and data science teams to turn that data into something meaningful and valuable.
Machine learning applications are among the most exciting innovations
in IT in this decade.

With S822LC high performance computing,
accelerate your analysis of big data and deliver waitless results fast.


Analytics accelerates decision-making and can make the difference between being an industry leader and being left behind by the competition.
Create virtual agents and bots that combine
machine learning, natural language understanding, and integrated dialog tools.