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You have a Cyber Security plan, but what is your Cyber Resiliency plan?  

It’s not a matter of “if” you’ll get hit by ransomware, it’s “when”. According to the Penamon Institute, 83% of organizations have already experienced a data breach. The average cost worldwide is over $4 million, but in the US, it’s over $9 million. Think you can just use your backup copies to recover? Think again. The bad guys know this is organization’s think, and now encrypt the backup copies BEFORE they ask for the ransom… leaving most organizations no choice, but to pay the ransom and cross their fingers they get the encryption code to unlock.

Join us and change your mindset from prevention to incident preparation!

Date: Wednesday, November 15th 
Time: 4-6 PM ET *
Location: Virtual
Speaker: Ric Halsaver, IBM NA Principal Flash Specialist
IBM Ric Halsaver
*(End time may be extended by 15-30 mins due to cooking time)

To alleviate some of these growing pains in the market, IBM has announced IBM Storage Defender. This solution integrates market leading primary and backup storage capabilities to deliver a holistic approach to data management and resiliency that only IBM can deliver. This integration also incorporates the rich feature set of the IBM Storage portfolio to deliver functionality like immutability, air gap, encryption, isolation, and anomaly detection.

This solution incorporates our IBM FlashSystem solutions which leverage the performance of flash and end-to-end Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe)-optimized architecture with the innovation of IBM FlashCore® technology. This provides the high performance and ultra-low-latency data storage you need to accelerate real-time business applications and reduce data vulnerabilities.                                                        





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