Managed Security Services (MSS)

Reduce entry costs and increase expertise using our ex-military cybersecurity professionals



Threat Intelligence, Monitoring & Management

The threat environment today requires enterprises to keep updated on all the latest and emerging threats and malware originating across the globe. Is your enterprise ready? Have you wanted to implement or augment a Cybersecurity platform but just haven’t had the time, resources, or staff to do so? Is the staff you have trained to manage risk before, during and after the breach?

Saturn in partnership with Carbon Helix offers a portfolio of cloud-based and on-prem Threat Intelligence, Monitoring & Management services designed to mitigate these risks. Reduce your entry costs and increase expertise through utilizing our seasoned ex-military cybersecurity professionals.

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Extending customer security teams with round-the-clock monitoring, incident response and full co-management of the most advanced security analytics and threat intelligence platform in use by the multinationals, enterprise, public sector and governmental organizations. The most sophisticated attacks use stealth, distraction and the hours before dawn to further their progress. We continuously tune the system for each unique customer to improve accuracy, incident relevance and security visibility in order to detect more credible threats and minimize false alarms. All the system components are maintained for reliability, performance and to enable new capabilities as they become available. We understand the difference between a security alert and a security incident and respond with direct defensive action, or escalate to customer teams and partners with clear recommendations on what to do. When we collaborate, we can shut down threats faster, and protect our organizations from compromise.

With continuous monitoring of endpoints, we focus on the threat discovery, detection, containment and response for 90 different operating systems spanning laptops, desktops, servers and point-of-sale devices. The only solution that meets all government standards for cybersecurity and is deployed to tens of millions of endpoints across all industries. From a multi-function agent that does not degrade the system it protects, the solution also provides software license utilization, quarantine, patching and incident remediation with near real-time protection from data loss, malware and other malicious threats. With direct closed-loop integration into our security analytics systems, we prioritize tasks for prevention as well as pick the right response to a security incident.

With global, high performance datacenters with first class compute, storage and networking, our facilities are tightly controlled and monitored using the recognized leader in security analytics, threat intelligence and incident response. We provision each customer with a subscription to the security platform and an option for collaborative cybersecurity operations. All capabilities are supported for any deployment type and into any location. We scale from our facilities into our customers, their cloud providers, virtualized infrastructure and hybrid combinations. We guarantee a service without any of the traditional service provider lock-in, and a penalty-free, smooth transition of all data and services to customer designated facilities at any time.

We introduce new methods of security protection and visibility into any infrastructure for defense-in-depth and to add capability without change. By hardening defenses we cloak public services from unclassified users, check encrypted communications for threats, virtual patch vulnerable assets, and target new and specific attacks with real-time enforcement. To close gaps and blind spots around the network, each of these features passes rich information into your security analytics systems for greater coverage and detection of suspicious activity, anomalies and other interesting behavior. This visibility also highlights where an organization is strongest, and provides insight into the most effective use of security technologies. We provide this as a co-managed standalone service and as an extension to our 24×7 services to simplify and accelerate the incident response.

Traditional remote access services were designed to allow mobile users to securely access immobile applications. The cloud access security broker brought standard controls to users across their cloud services. Today, applications are portable, existing in our datacenter, cloud and hybrid infrastructures and replicating on-demand through technologies such as software defined networking. With universal application access the secured relationship between applications and users is simplified. The requirement for coordinating change across multiple remote access solutions, and to audit for expired or missing user accounts, is eliminated. There is no need to invest in additional technology or make changes to your existing infrastructure. The service feeds detailed information on user activity, authorization changes, and application availability to your security analytics system, and provides immediate control to quarantine an application or revoke a user to counter a specific threat.