To learn more about advanced solutions in Manufacturing across these key categories:

  • Quality
  • Supply Chain
  • Process Management

Check out our showcase of videos, solution briefs, case studies and white papers below.


To learn more about advanced solutions in 1. Quality 2. Supply Chain 3. Process Management Check out our showcase of videos, solution briefs, case studies and white papers below. Featured Tech Partners: IBM, SAS

  • IBM Manufacturing with Data Analytics

  • Using data & analytics, Blizzard Ski creates 900 different skis it knows the market is asking for. Watch how IBM technology connected manufacturing to what customers want. Visit to learn more to share comments. Grâce aux solutions Big Data & Analytics d’IBM, Blizzard Ski peut anticiper les besoins des clients pour prévoir leurs coups de coeur. Ils produisent ainsi 900 modèles de skis différents, adaptés au marché. Visitez pour en savoir plus ou

  • Manufacturing & Quality: IBM – Predictive Maintenance: Seeing Problems Before They Happen

  • Manufacturing & Quality: SAS – Streaming Analytics – Intelligent Maintenance and Manufacturing

  • Learn how you can stream sensor data in, analyze it, and determine the most critical components to prevent future failures. ADVANCED THINKING ON STREAMING ANALYTICS View all videos in this playlist. SAS EVENT STREAM PROCESSING As large amounts of data flow into your business at lightning speed, you have to act fast before that data is stored or becomes obsolete. Slow response times lead to lost opportunities – or missed red flags. With SAS Event Stream Processing, you can analyze high-velocity big data while it’s in motion, helping you know what requires action, and what can be ignored. SAS Event Stream Processing lets you: * Get instant information, take immediate action. * Make sound decisions with sound analysis. * Scale to accommodate large amounts of data. * Take full control and adapt to changes quickly. LEARN MORE ABOUT SAS EVENT STREAM PROCESSING SUBSCRIBE TO THE SAS SOFTWARE YOUTUBE CHANNEL ABOUT SAS SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market. Through innovative solutions, SAS helps customers at more than 75,000 sites improve performance and deliver value by making better decisions faster. Since 1976 SAS has been giving customers around the world The Power to Know.® VISIT SAS CONNECT WITH SAS SAS ► SAS Customer Support ► SAS Communities ► Facebook ► Twitter ► LinkedIn ► Google+ ► Blogs ► RSS ►

  • Supply Chain: IBM – Transparent Supply Chain

  • Transparent Supply Chain (TSC) is an internal initiative run by Integrated Supply Chain (ISC). TSC is a social and mobile platform to manage operations by exception and provide transparency in operations.

  • Supply Chain: IBM – Supply Chain Optimization

  • Supply Chain: SAS – Demand Planing

  • Manufacturing & Quality: IBM – Early Warning System

  • Manufacturing & Quality: SAS – Predictive Maintenance

  • Manufacturing & Quality: IBM – Predictive Maintenance

  • Process Management: IBM – Business Process Management


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