Mission Critical Solutions

Real-time Intelligence for Your Most Critical Business Workloads

HPE has the only x86 server system to match the RAS of UNIX and deliver 24x7x365 mission-critical enterprise-class performance.

Real Time

Real-time analytics, online transaction processing (OLTP), batch processing, and database apps are crucial to your success.


Manage these high-value workloads with the flexibility of an x86 platform and the reliability and availability of HPE mission-critical servers to get an edge in revenue and reputation.


HPE offers an unmatched portfolio of platforms and operating environments that scale from small to very large to meet specific business requirements.

Turn critical data into real-time business insights with HPE Superdome Flex

Key Offerings with Traditional and In-memory Databases

Over 25,000 customers run SAP applications on HPE infrastructure. And with over 12,000 SAP HANA server deployments, HPE is the global leader by a wide margin. HPE understands SAP and what SAP HANA requires from your server and storage environment, keeping mission-critical applications protected and highly available, and ultimately modernizing your digital core. HPE has unique insights on how you can best achieve your goals.

Whether running on UNIX® or relying on scale-out x86 servers (or proprietary appliances), meeting demands for more performance and capacity—while assuring high availability—can be a substantial strain on resources. HPE Integrity Mission Critical Systems offer a better answer, helping you cut Oracle licensing costs while providing:

  • Improved performance and scalability
  • The highest levels of uptime
  • A simplified scale-up environment
  • With the introduction of HPE Integrity Superdome X and the advanced capabilities of Microsoft® SQL Server, customers can take the Microsoft Windows® environment to a new level. Whether deploying complex or large SAP® environments, supporting high transaction rates for online transaction
    processing (OLTP) applications, or leveraging business transaction data for real-time analytics with mixed workloads on a single server, Superdome X provides the right foundation. Additionally, you can consolidate SQL Server instances into one Superdome X server dramatically simplifying management.

    SQL Server 2017 brings the best features of the Microsoft relational database engine to the enterprise Linux ecosystem, including SQL Server Agent, Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) authentication, best-in-class high availability/disaster recovery, and unparalleled data security. Note that SQL Server on Linux is not a port or rewrite. This is the same worldclass Microsoft relational database management system (RDBMS) now available on more operating systems (like Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and Ubuntu) and more cloud and container platforms (like Docker).

    HPE Superdome servers are an ideal target platform to migrate critical UNIX® workloads as they are inherently robust. They achieve a level of UNIX resiliency that is simply not attainable on other x86 platforms. HPE is the only x86 server vendor to match the RAS of UNIX and deliver 24x7x365 mission-critical enterprise-class performance.


    Superdome Flex

    • Mainframe inspired attributes, but with x86 inspired open standards and x86 price points.
    • Windows and Linux can be run simultaneously on the same server environment.
    • Workloads can be electronically isolated for maximum security.
    • In a rack form factor.

    Converged System (CS) 500/900 for SAP-HANA

    • Tailored systems made specifically for optimizing performance and ease of implementation with SAP-HANA.
    • The CS 500 utilizes HPE ProLiant DL580 server technology.
    • The CS 900 utilizes HPE Superdome X server technology.


    • Unmatched scalability for in-memory computing for x86 Linux applications.
    • Easily scale from 4-32 with the latest Intel Xeon scalable processors in a standard rack-mountable form factor.
    • Runs most flavors of Linux including Oracle Linux and OVM.

    HP-UX and OpenVMS Operating Environments

    • Legacy applications that continue to provide customers business value.
    • Built on rock solid HPE Integrity Server platforms featuring the Intel Itanium processors.


    Since the dawn of humanity, we’ve been curious about where we come from. A hundred years ago, Albert Einstein searched for answers in thought experiments. But theories must be tested through confrontation with real data—and today’s technology lets us probe the mysteries of our universe as never before possible.
    What if you could process and analyze all your data instantly? Imagine the possibilities that would open up. In retail, you would be able to deliver the right offer to the right person—based on that person’s entire purchasing history—right at the point of transaction.
    Many organizations excavate deep value from their databases with SAP HANA, an in-memory database platform that helps you extract meaningful and actionable insights from your business data, giving you a 360-degree view of your business.
    Led to improved SQL Server performance and accelerated inventory accounting processes from 24 hours to 8 hours, through implementing HPE Superdome X Servers and HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage.
    With the introduction of HPE Integrity Superdome X and the advanced capabilities of Microsoft® SQL Server, customers can take the Microsoft Windows® environment to a new level.