Open-source Database Solutions

For the past 30 years, data has been stored in proprietary databases that are licensed to its users. Even though a lot of current DBMS (Database Management Systems) installations are still proprietary, new data is increasingly finding its way to open-source databases as developers opt for convenience and enterprises save cost without compromising on security or scalability.

Open-source databases have come a long way in the past decade in terms of maturity and importance. There are a variety of reasons for the broad and accelerating adoption of Open Source Database Management Systems (OSDBMS), the number one being “Community”.

The world is different from a few decades ago when the good databases were all proprietary and nobody knew how they did their magic. Now, most new databases are open source and the users either understand how they work or rest easy in the knowledge that they can find out if they want. Such community makes a software purchase/decision safe, particularly with databases, as it removes uncertainty over how to put the database to good use.

Watch the video of our New York event below: “The Open-Source Database Revolution: You Now Have a Choice.  Featuring Saturn Business Systems, RDB Concepts, IBM, and four top open-source database providers.

Modern applications are more networked, social and interactive than ever. Modern applications require DBMS solutions that support big data, fast feature development & flexible deployment strategies. With applications storing more and more data and accessing them at higher and higher rates, scaling databases needs to be as effortless as application development itself. OSDBMS have evolved to increase productivity allowing schemas to evolve effortlessly without duplication. Thus, being scalable, agile and cloud ready, OSDMS is nothing short of a revolution in this decade.

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