Saturn Security Intelligence & Analytics

Find and Focus on the Threats that Matter the Most



Is Your Organization Struggling To …

  1. Detect security breaches and abnormal activity and/or quickly monitor network activity in virtual and cloud environments.

  2. Detect insider theft, fraud or malicious activity or monitor social media and mobile activity for data security risks.

  3. Continuously conduct effective forensic investigations after security breaches.

Let Saturn’s team of experts help you build your cybersecurity strategy powered by IBM QRadar

Key Highlights of IBM QRadar

Most SIEM tools in the market are riddled with inefficiencies. In addition to requiring deep expertise for deployment and maintenance of such systems, enterprises struggle with most SIEM’s as they produce a lot of false positives, miss a lot of important incidents and most importantly fail to detect APT’s (Advanced Persistent Threats) & Fraud. With flow processing combined with asset information, QRadar provides enhanced context to incidents that most SIEM solutions miss out on.

Near Real-time Visibility

Capture log event and network flow data in near real time and apply advanced analytics to reveal security offenses

Reduce and Prioritize Alerts

Find the needle in the haystack. Focus security analyst investigations on a short, manageable list of suspected, high probability incidents.

Optimize Threat Detection

Sense and track significant security incidents and threats with supporting data and context for easier investigation. Create detailed data access and user activity reports.

Additional Benefits for Your Business

Detect Insider Threat

Some of the gravest threats to an organization come from the inside, yet organizations often lack the intelligence needed to detect malicious insiders or outside parties that have compromised user accounts.

Conduct Faster Forensics Analysis

QRadar integrated incident forensics helps IT security teams reduce the time spent investigating security incidents, and eliminates the need for specialized training. It expands security data searches to include full packet captures and digitally stored text, voice, and image documents.

Easy Integration

With a common application platform, database and user interface, this platform delivers massive log management scale without compromising the real-time intelligence of SIEM and network behavior analytics. It provides a common solution for all searching, correlation, anomaly detection and reporting functions.


A Provocative New Approach to Integrated Security Intelligence
Actionable intelligence for Enterprise Security using the IBM QRadar Sense Analytics Engine
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