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Gone are the days when business intelligence was the domain of IT specialists who used complex software to draft reports for key decision makers. Today, the demands of business has changed requiring real time decision making based on instantaneous analysis. Instead of waiting for IT to provide a report, anyone and everyone within your organization should be empowered to drive insights from data.

Saturn provides a complete suite of solutions around visualization & business intelligence in partnership with industry leaders like IBM, SAS and HP. View the video content, data sheets and case studies below to get a better understanding of how our BI offerings can help transform your organizations decision making and analytics capabilities.

Saturn Case Studies

Self-service BI Empowers
Retail Managers

  • Field managers in Sales and Operations gained customizable access to relevant reports

  • Empowered on-demand, real-time, decentralized decision making

  • Provided real-time inventory info for their 600 North America sales team members

Forecasting Solutions for Large
Public Power Corporation

  • Implemented enterprise planning software for budgeting & forecasting
  • Incorporated analytics solution with reporting application
  • Reduced integration times from hours to minutes
  • Demonstrated faster interoperability with existing SAP environment
  • Provided budgeting professionals with a full array of model-building tools, with Excel integration and simple drag & drop features

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