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Equipment Procurement

Saturn Business Systems can assist with the complete procurement cycle, from the quoting to delivery process of obtaining materials, supplies, services, and contracts with the highest level of qualitative services and the best total cost.

Equipment Shipment

The Saturn Business Systems’ logistics team will provide all of the necessary tools to ensure a seamless shipment experience. All of our shipments include a detailed shipment inventory, verification of assets and tracking information. Detailed information will be provided for every step of the shipment process. The Saturn logistics team will coordinate all shipments of procured equipment. We will communicate all shipment information including detailed tracking information. Each shipment will include a detailed packing slip for receipt verification purposes. Should any issues arise, our logistics team will verify each received shipment and will work to resolve any discrepancies.

Equipment Inventory

Saturn Business Systems takes the guess work out of inventory tracking. From procurement to shipment, we will verify all ordered equipment for correctness prior to shipment. Our logistics team will inventory every received item and can provide asset management services with our web-based inventory tracking system. Our easy to navigate structure with customizable asset fields, reporting tools and more will provide you complete visibility of your assets.

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