November 2019: For over 37 years, Saturn Business Systems has provided integrated information technology solutions to mid-market and enterprise accounts. Saturn partners with the leading global technology solution manufacturers and software providers to tailor and implement customized data center, cloud, and big data & analytics solutions. Saturn clients include the leading corporations and organizations in the Finance, Telecom, Retail and Healthcare space as well as companies in a variety of other industries.

Saturn provides customers with end-to-end, whole solutions that span from assessment to implementation to follow-up, ensuring the entire solution package consistently and continually performs to the highest of expectations.

About our partnership with Digitate:

In this day and age, IT is critical in driving business results for our clients. Saturn’s partnership with Digitate allows our clients to be agile and proactive instead of slow and reactive to issues affecting their environment. Digitate’s product, IgnioTM, with its blend of AI, Machine Learning (ML) and automation capabilities, allows our clients to improve business outcomes, improve business agility and enhance customer experience. Ignio Learns, Resolves and Predicts issues across the whole technology stack, ensuring continuous business operations.

About Digitate:

“Digitate™ leverages machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) to build software solutions for exponential enterprises. Its award-winning product, ignio™, is a cognitive automation software that helps IT rapidly identify and remediate outages in minutes – building the businesses’ of tomorrow. Digitate is a wholly-owned TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) venture.”

Press Contact:

Kristin Cote
Director of Marketing